Panel Providing

MarketLink is able to provide you with various services including sampling, questionnaire translation, questionnaire scripting, server rental, data processing (tabulation etc), coding and verbatim translation.

You can use MarketLink panel as your own panel for your research projects.

You can conduct your research via both mobile phone and PC
Various advanced researches using Bar code, QR code, OCR, GPS are possible.
Qualitative approach using online and/or mobile diary system is also available.
MarketLink regards the price competitiveness and preferential pricing for long-term clients importantly.
Quality control is well conducted adhering to ESOMAR code.

3 large customized panels are being run currently with high level of client's satisfaction.

In addition to the 3 large customized panels, we are running 'Hospital CS panel' and ' TV discussion evaluation panel' as well.

Mobile behavior panel

Collect mobile behavior log data.
Representative sample reflecting mobile phone user profile.
Install log data collecting app in panel's mobile phone.

Newspaper readership panel

Measure the readership and satisfaction level by newspaper section.
Show the articles via PDF.

Movie preview panel

Recruit panel considering the frequency of movie watching.
Evaluate the movies in pre-launch stage by each scene.